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Coming Attractions: Kibler Valley 2016

The 34th Annual Kibler Valley River Run is less than 2 weeks away. If you haven’t been in a while have a gander at this sweet “paddle-porn” edit shot over the past 6 weeks by Delane Heath.

Delane, a 40-something “playboater” with the spirit of a river otter, represents the very best of Kibler Valley, VA. With deep family history and roots in the valley on top of his passion for whitewater kayaking, he has a unique appreciation for the place and the local community. But mostly he’s just an awesome dude who loves to have some major fun on whitewater with boater friends from far and wide. And he’s a helluvan amateur action film story-teller.

Come and experience it for yourself at the 34th Annual Kibler Valley River Run on July 30, 2016. Official info available at Also check out WWSUP at the Kibler Valley River Run.

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