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Doodling with Balance, Mass, & Hydrodynamics

Seeking competence in Whitewater Stand Up Paddleboarding? Spend time on a 'nothing' piece of moving water and seek mastery - and even Flow State. The relationships you build quietly between your board, blade, body, and the river will be stronger when you visit the rowdy sections that seem determined to separate and consume you.

As you seek SUP competence on Class III whitewater it is worth your time to also peel the onion of mastery on Class I. Chances are there's a spot convenient to your daily life to allow 15 to 60 minute sessions a couple times a week to just clear your mind and twirl around ... and build those relationships, muscle memory, a little strength, and confidence for your weekend river trip. Your regular practice place can look like the place in the video but is more likely under a road bridge or a still water reservoir. Mastery on still water is actually a pre-requisite to mastery on moving water

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