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Project Ww’SUP: River Dancing Basics

Whitewater SUP Not Pretty? 

Two recent articles in national media (CNN and have described whitewater SUP as awkward and clumsy … but impressive. The fact is that there are actually plenty of awesome paddlers out there – not just the pros – who are consistently demonstrating the sublime beauty of Dancing on Whitewater Rivers. 

This little video is my first contribution to a growing body of knowledge on stand-up paddling moving water not just with safety and basic competence – but with STYLE. The venue for this demonstration is a little class 2 section of the Mayo River on the North Carolina/Virginia border – a wonderful place to work on fundamentals that you can take to class 3 and harder water.

More articles on fundamentals, training exercises, and style are in the works.

Video shot by Dale Briggs ::

Paddling and Editing by Dale Swanson ::

#ProjectWWSUP #wwsup

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