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Project WwSUP: Tail Pivot Eddy Turn

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Adding Style to your Eddy Turns

Before experimenting with pivot turning into whitewater eddies start with mastering pivot turns on flat water. Watch your posture – keep your body aligned more vertically than is common for flatwater SUP with you hips tucked forward and head up. Also work on smoothly moving your feet into position – if you have a longer board check out my post on Cross Stepping. Remember to have your paddle in the water and loaded to maintain control whenever you move a foot.

Not all eddies are appropriate for a TAIL pivot turn. If the eddy is especially shallow and rocky beware damaging your board or fins. A flat turn or the more challenging NOSE pivot turn  may be a better choice for shallow eddies.

The following video tutorial demonstrates a “toe-side” eddy turn on a 7’6″ inflatable board. Enjoy – and let me know if this is helpful.

Need more direct instruction, coaching, feedback? Book me through Mountain River Guides on the Nolichucky and French Broad Rivers near Asheville, NC.

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