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Whitewater SUP as Personal Expression

Ever since I made that video about whitewater SUP Style I keep seeing more and more examples of technique that shows more than just technical proficiency – not to mention great camera work and better editing. There’s a spirit of play and improvisation that emerges when the foundation skills are well-honed.

Near the end of this exquisite reel by a French adventure journalist and videographer in Japan you will see a nimble member of Team Old Guy using his board to play with the river’s currents with the grace and confidence of a dancer. There is a joyfulness in his movement that I only see in whitewater SUP paddlers. The rest of this shoot features truly fantastic scenery and inspired paddling.

Watching from above as one paddler carves an intricate line through a boulder garden rapid left me smiling in recognition – that’s how I play with my own familiar creeks and rock gardens. From a standing vantage the river reveals so much more than is available from a kneeling or sitting position. Seeing what others around the world are discovering about whitewater SUP is too freakin’ fun and exciting. Is it racist to say this is Ninja-style Whitewater SUP?

Japan SUP river from Mellouet on Vimeo.

And while you’re at Vimeo, check out Mellouet’s other videos. He’s got a couple other pretty decent travel, adventure and SUP videos.

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